Terms of Use

Azanya is an online calendar that promotes cultural events related to Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean organized in the Canton of Geneva and beyond.

  • Cultural event ” refers here to any public initiative related to the following fields: arts, History, languages, traditions, identities, lifestyles.

  •  “Sub-Saharan Africa ” is taken in its literal and common meaning, i.e., the region located South of the Sahara desert and also known as “Black Africa”.

  • Though its content can be changing, the region called as “The Caribbean ” here includes all the territories that, regardless of their status, have been registered as such in the official “Geographical regions” list.

In the absence of any clear connection with the above definitions, Azanya reserves the right not to publish an event that does not correspond to the mentioned criteria.

Events can be posted by the site administrators or by the users via a form.

Azanya is also open to events organized in the surrounding areas such as the Canton of Vaud or French neighboring regions.

Azanya shall never express personal comment and/or appreciation on any of the events published on the website.

Azanya can in no way be held responsible for any incident related to an event published on the website (content, cancellation, modification, accident, disorder, etc.). Before, during and/or after an event, all complaints regarding an event published on the website should be sent to the event organizers and/or any other stakeholder.

Copyright © 2014 Azanya - All rights reserved

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