About us

Azanya.ch is an online calendar that promotes  cultural events organized in the Canton of Geneva and beyond and related to Sub-saharan Africa and the Caribbean.These two regions are indeed linked by a common History and therefore share multiple cultural features.

Azanya is actually trying to be a modest reflection of African and Caribbean cultural richness and also tries to portray the amazing dynamism of African-Caribbean communities living in Geneva in particular and in Switzerland in general.

The little story behind Azanya…

Azanya derives from the “Geneva Black Agenda” Facebook page launched on 9 August 2012. This page posted daily announcements on  African-Caribbean cultural events organized in Geneva and beyond.  Azanya website was created so as to enhance the presentation of the announcements and make them accessible to a wider audience. The Facebook page will progressively be replaced by a brand new page entirely linked to the website.

To be continued…

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